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About Me

Tristen Starr McLean


I have an AA Degree in Animation and VFX and a BFA in Producing for Animation and VFX at the Academy of Art University.

My Great Grandfather, a multimedia sculptor, was the first influence that pushed me towards not only my love of the big and small screen but the processes behind both. Learning to read from the Sunday Funnies with my Grandma put comics well into my young sights, later blooming into comic books, all three of which I shared a love of with my younger siblings. In my mind and my experiences, none of these things were age exclusive, and in fact, was something that my entire family could bond over strongly regardless of any age difference. My love of modern heroics of both the fantastical and those engineered in reality helps me form a lasting skillset with my strong organization and planning skills. This, coupled with a take-charge attitude and conflict resolution skills honed in a large family home of even larger personalities, gives me the perfect package to produce anything from a podcast, to a Multimillion-dollar blockbuster.
My range of study includes Stop motion Animation, 2D Animation, 3D Rigging for Animation and VFX, where I worked with the programs Dragonframe, Toon Boom, Adobe Suite, Maya, Movie Magic, and Shotgun. My Bachelor's degree is in Production where I worked with Studio X and worked on the short films Dino Hunt, Morav, The Golden Man, Goliath, and Sweet Friendship; as well as the multi-award-winning film Redemption. I worked as the Lighting and Texturing, LightCollab, Department Coordinator on the Short Films, Call Me ;), Last Song, Glow, and Dive.
My other projects include working as an educator for children and adults in Photoshop, Stop Motion Animation, Illustration, and Sculpture as a personal tutor as well as an Instructor for Kidzart and the Children's Creativity Museum. Assisting in the coordination of the Academy of Art's 2015 and 2018 Spring Shows as well as creating the 'DreamForce' badges for the 2015 SalesForce convention.  
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Contact Me
Phone: 415.583.8220
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